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I am a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Michigan. My interests are wide ranging, but I work primarily in normative ethics, epistemology, political philosophy, and legal philosophy.


Right now I am mainly working on issues around information. I am interested in the ethics, epistemology, politics, economics, and metaphysics of information.


I have many interests in other areas broadly in the philosophy of technology. But I am not especially gripped by whether AI will become super smart and enslave humans. I hope it doesn't, but I'm not super worried it will. Nearer-by possible scenarios, and many actual scenarios, worry me much more. 

My dissertation is about the ethics and epistemology of privacy. It is also, more broadly, about theories of privacy, theories of property, theories of rights, and the relationships between them. It is titled (for now) Being Known: Privacy, Property, and Epistemology. I am supervised by Elizabeth Anderson, Sarah Buss, Renée Jorgensen, Nico Cornell, and Gabe Mendlow.

I completed my master's degree in Philosophy in 2014 at the St Andrews and Stirling Graduate Programme in Scotland. My master's dissertation, on epistemology, disagreement, and skepticism, was supervised by Jessica Brown.


I completed my bachelor's degree in Philosophy in 2013 at Yale University, where I was supervised by Tamar Gendler, Steve Darwall, and Shelly Kagan.

I used to work as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Before that I sold shoes. Before that I rented VHS tapes.


Department of Philosophy

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"ccmccull" at "umich" dot "edu"