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Driving skiff, Southeast Alaska, circa 2013.

Papers (email for draft)
Dissertation chapters

Part 1

Being Known: Privacy and Epistemology

1. All Privacy is Informational Privacy

2. Knowledge and Privacy

3. Privacy, Knowledge, and Self-Presentation


Part 2

Having In Mind: Privacy and Property

4. Three Stories About Privacy and Property

5. Wronging by Knowing and the Right to Privacy

Papers about privacy
  • Inference and Privacy

  • The Will Theory, the Interest Theory, and the Right to Privacy

  • Contextual Integrity and Propertarian Privacy 

  • Privacy and the Right to Privacy

  • Privacy as Property: Metaphysics or Metaphor?

  • Frege Goes Online: Database Matching, Identity, and Inferential Wronging

Projects more broadly in normative ethics, information ethics, legal and political philosophy
  • Manipulative Permissions

  • Possession, Use, and Exclusion

  • When Risks are Reductions

Talks (*peer reviewed; ** invited)

  • * (October 2023) "Manipulative Permissions, Joint Deliberation, and the Significance of Agreement

    • ​Philadelphia Normativity Conference (University of Pennsylvania)​

  • * (August 2023) "Realist Social Construction and Self-Effacing Anti-Realism"

    • International Social Ontology Society Conference (Stockholm University, Sweden)

  • * (May 2023) "Should Privacy Rights Constrain Inference? Can They?"

    • Ethical Data Science and AI Forum: "From Theory to Practice: Building Ethical and Trustworthy AI" (Michigan Institute for Data Science) ​

  • * (April 2023) "Privacy, Knowledge, and Self-Presentation"

    • University of Texas, Austin Graduate Philosophy Conference (University of Texas, Austin) 

  • * (April 2023) "Privacy, Knowledge, and Self-Presentation"

    • Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference (University of Colorado, Boulder) 

  • (March 2023"Should Privacy Rights Constrain Inference? Can They?"

    • Epistemology Work In Progress Group (University of Michigan)

  • * (March 2023"Should Privacy Rights Constrain Inference? Can They?"

    • Inaugural Philosophy, AI, and Society Doctoral Colloquium​ (University of Oxford)

  • * (November 2022"Privacy, Knowledge, and Self-Presentation"

    • 26th Annual Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference​ (University of Oxford)

  • * (September 2022) "Contextual Integrity and Propertarian Privacy"

    • 4th Annual Contextual Integrity Symposium (Cornell Tech)​

  • * (September 2022) "Privacy, Intimacy, and the State"​ (cancelled)

    • MANCEPT Workshop on Equality in Intimate Life (University of Manchester)

  • * (June 2022) "Wronging by Knowing and the Right to Privacy"

    • 2022 Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference (Online)​

  • (October 2020) "Shifty Infallibilism is Shifty"

    • Michigan Epistemology Working Group​ (University of Michigan)


  • (April 2022) Comments on "Internalism About Testimonial Injustice" by Gus Turyn (Cornell)

    • 2022 Notre Dame-Northwestern Graduate Epistemology Conference

  • (March 2019) Comments on "Can Pragmatists be Moderate?" by Alex Worsnip (UNC Chapel Hill)

    • Michigan Spring Colloquium on Epistemology: Norms and Values

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